Welcome to our LEVEL 4 & 5 class wiki.

This WIKI belongs to you, the learner.
Work daily with your classmates to practice your English and explore the useful tips mentioned here.
Show yourself what you are doing to reach your own goals in learning English and share your experience with others.
Your individual English Language Learning Portfolio is a place where you can plan your goals and stay on track.
Every exercise has a purpose towards your goal of learning English.

When you read the writing here, leave a thought, comment, compliment, or a suggestion, to keep the conversation going.
  • Read the pages in this wiki, including the instructions at the top of the page.
  • Add your writing in your own words to the appropriate page.
  • Notice patterns. What works ? What doesn't work ? Use those patterns to try to self-edit your writing before you click "save".
  • Go back to your own writing and correct your writing using the suggestions I have given you.
    • ( ) means add this word, etc.
    • < > means take away this word, etc.
    • [SP] means check your spelling

This session, we will be working continuously on:
  • Portfolio (L,S,R,W)
  • Weekly Journal (L,S,R,W)
  • Personal Dictionary (L,R,W)
  • Grammar (W)
  • Presentations (L,S)

Be curious. Explore and experiment. Ask questions every day. There is no question too small or too big.
Give some feedback. What is working for you and what isn't.

Work hard and have FuN practicing your English !

- Kamikaze 03/26/14

P.S. Please remember to use only ADJECTIVE NAMES on our class wiki ... and DATE everything that you post.

ABSENCE: If you cannot come to class, please call 905-457-7740 ext. 247 and leave a message for the teacher.

BAD WEATHER / Class Cancellation:

In circumstances of bad weather (snow or ice storm, power outage, etc), we will need to close the school down.
We will then make changes on our voice mail and notify you that way.
If you are wondering if our school is open or closed, you will need to [[#|give]] our [[#|Mississauga office]] a call and press our LINC Manager, extension. 905-272-1703 ext.270
If her voice mail is the regular prompt (“Hi, you have reach H….”) then the school is open as usual.
If her voice mail changes to “Hi, this is Monday, January 28th. Please note that the school is closed.” then the school is closed.
Call the line before you come to class to double check if class is still open on "BAD WEATHER" days.

* notice the format and copy it please "your greeting (translation > language)"

Add your first language greeting here:

Hello! / Hi ! ( >English)
Bonjour (Good morning > French)
Comment tu vas? (How are you ? > French)
Salut! (Hi! > French)

Xin chao! (Hello > Vietnamese)
Tam biet ! (Goodbye > Vietnamese)
Chuc mot ngay tot lanh ! (Have a good day! > Vietnamese)
Hola ! (Hello/Hi > Spanish)
Sa wad dee! (Hello > Thailand )
Halo ! (Hello > Polish)
Olyotya! (True to God > ?)
Jay Shri Krishan (Lord Krishna bless you ! > Gujarati)
Namaste (The light in me sees the light in you > Hindi)
Ayubowan (May you live long! > Singhala)
Olá! Prazer em conhecê-los! (Hello! Nice to meet you > Portuguese)
Hola! Que tengas un buen día! (Hello! Have a nice day! > Spanish)
Kamusta kabayan! ( Hello my friend! > Tagalog/Philippines)
Kamusta kaibigan? (Hi! My friend? > Tagalog/Philippines)
Kamusta PINOY (Imus,Cavite)
Salam (Hello > Persian)
Assalam-o-alekum (peace on you > ?)
Anyounghaseyo (Hello to everybody > Korean)
Anyoung (Hello between friends > Korean)
Mbote bandeko (Hello my Friend > Lingala)
Assalam-o-alaikam (Hello > Urdu)
Assalamualaikum (Hello > Bangla)
Sak pase / hey sak gen lah (How are you ? >Créole)Hola como estas. (Hi how are you > Spanish)
Bienvenido. (Welcome > Spanish)
Que tengas buen dia. ( Have nice day > Spanish)

Magandang Umaga (Good Morning > Filipino/Tagalog)
Sabah el khair (good morning > Arabic)
Masa'a el khair (good evening > Arabic)
Ahlan wa sahlan (welcome > Arabic)
Marhaba (welcome > Arabic)
Halaw shlonak (Hello/Hi how are you? > Arabic)

The Magic Words

Please / Thank you ( > English)
S'il vous plait / Merci (Please/Thank you > French)
Lam on ! (Please > Vietnamese)
Cam on ! (Thank you > Vietnamese)
Xin loi ! (Sorry > Vietnamese)
Por favor, gracias (Please, thank you > Spanish)
Shukriya / Shukria (Thank you > Urdu)
Lotfan / moteshakeram (? > Persian)
Barahy maharbani > (please > Urdu)
Palihog (Please > Tagalog)
Maraming salat (Thank you > Tagalog)
Dhannobad (Thank you > Bangla)
Aunogrho kare / (Please > Bangla)
Shabdkosh (Thank you > Punjabi)
Por Favor. ( Please > Spanish)
Muchas gracias. ( Thank you > Spanish))
Salamat (Thank You > Filipino/Tagalog)
Arjook (Please > Arabic)
Mn Fadhlak (do me the favor of...or..could you please? politely requesting > Arabic)
shokran (thank you > Arabic)

Words of Encouragement:

You can do it ! ( > English)
Keep up the good work! ( > English)
You have a beautiful smile ( > English)
That was awesome ( > English)
I appreciate all that you do ( > English )
Break a leg ! (theatre, actors, for good luck > English)
Je sais que tu es très forte, tu y arriveras! (I know you're strong, you'll make it > French)

Ne regarde jamais en arrière ! (Never look back > French)
Break a leg ! (theatre, actors, for good luck > English)
Vamos, tu puedes ! (Come on, you can do it ! > Spanish)
Tum kr sakty / sakti ho ( ? >Urdu)
Jai Yo (press on ! > Chinese)
Fighting ! (Korean dramas ;-)
Shabaash (very good > Urdu)
Himmat mat haaro aap kar sakte ho (you can do it > Urdu)
Aap ne boht achha kaam kiya (You did a great job > Urdu)
Hosla Afzai ( think positive and supporting you in a good way, increase of confidence, encouragement among rude people or as an encouragement of youth in generosity > Urdu)
nandito ako para sayo (I’ll always be here for you > Tgalaog)

tuhoi ang imong kaugalingon (Believe in yourself > Visaya)
Mwen konnen ou se moun vanyan, wap rive kan menm! (Créole >I know you're strong, you'll make it)
Pa janm gade deye (Créole >Neverlook back)
Salud! (share! > Spanish)
Bamos tu puedes! (you can go! > Spanish)
Bamos animo! ( we encourange! > Spanish)
Buenas suerte! (good luck! > Spanish)
Recuerda que Dios esta con tigo en todo momento! (remember that God is with you at all times! > Spanish)
Cuentas con migo para todo lo que necesites! (count on me for anything you need! > Spanish)
Animate los malos ratos no son eternos (cheer up, the bad times do not last forever > Spanish)

Tu puedes hacerlo. (You can do it > Spanish)
Sigue adelante. ( Keep going > Spanish)
No te des por vencido. ( Never give up > Spanish)
Contigo a mi lado lo puedo todo. (With you by my side everything is possible > Spanish)
Manten tu mente positive. (Keep your mind positive > Spanish)
Is dunya main kuch bhi na mumkin nahi hai. Agr app kuch krna chahty ho to karo, karo or kar lo. (Nothing is impossible in this world if you want to do something do it, do it, just do it > Urdu)