A Memorable Date

Write here about a memorable date or meeting someone.

My First Date
My first date was with the boy who went to the same school as me. We were the same age, but we went to different classes. He was the friend of my best friend. He was sympathetic, but little imaginary. So I thought when we first met, and what he thought about me, he'll find out later. But such thinking is typical of that year. The first three months we have seen the occasional breaks in the school. But this time he would give a nice comment or a compliment. Sometimes I noticed his puzzled look, but sometimes winked when he left.

And I felt sympathy for him because he was fun, but also willing to help others when they needed.
Then one day I was suddenly asked if I wanted to go to the movies with him. Even though I wanted I was surprised, but of course I accepted the invitation.
At that moment I was happy, but then I pondered what to wear, what to talk with him. We all want to leave a good first impression. But everything was much easier than I thought. We watched interesting adventure movie, and a lot of talking and laughing. That it was more beautiful evening. M. was fun, good boy, intelligent, popular in society, friendly.
We were together two years and then he moved to another city. Then he called me, came, but it eventually became less often. At the end we stayed friends. And he is now married and lives in the same city. This was my first date.

- Smart, 24 Nov 2011

Dear Readers,
Today I want to share with you the story about my first date. I was in grade six when I had my first date. I remember it perfectly. There was a girl named SP. She was two years older than me. We were in the same classroom. I was the one who pursued that relationship. It was a Monday morning. I used to come to school early. She arrived a few minutes after I arrived. She found me standing in the middle of the classroom doorway. I did not want to let her in the classroom. I asked her to pay me first before she could pass through. She gave me candies, money, a nice pencil, and I still refused. She said "Seismic, what else can I give to you to let me pass ?!" She was so polite, while I answered her with a smile on my baby face. I said, "I just want a kiss." She said, "A kiss, a kiss for you ? Where ?" I bent down to receive my kiss and she kissed me on the jaw. It was so sweet, then she pushed me aside to pass through the door.
From that time on, I started to spoil her with love notes on pieces of paper during the class, flowers, and candies. We did our homework together because I was brilliant in class. I was always on top. One day after class, I invited her to the movies with me and she accepted. I let her choose the movie on her own. I didn't want that movie at all, but it was more important for me to be alone with her and be her companion. During the movie, suddenly she felt cold. I asked her to come closer shyly, and sofly she came. Can you imagine how I felt? We explained to each other our love, our feelings, and I asked her for a real kiss. We kissed for the rest of the movie. We became true lovers. Our relationship was good.
Three years after, she had a response from the American Embassy for her permanent residence. We spoke for a couple of years and after that we lost contact.
- Seismic, 21 November 2011

Hi Seismic,
What a wonderful story!
My suggestion is to try to make your sentences shorter. It will be easier to make the grammar correct with shorter sentences. This is also more in the "North American Style" of writing.

My First Date with Ms. Keen
When I started my first day in Level 3, I met her. The first day was very hard because she has a different accent and a different style of teaching from my last teacher. At first, I was confused, but after a couple of weeks, my feeling changed a lot because I knew I could learn in a different way. I want to say thank you to her because when I had a difficult time, and came to her class every day, she tried to make me feel better. I have a lot of respect for her. She certainly knows how to motivate her class. She gave her students more confidence for doing their best, in speaking, in writing, and in finding a job. She is one-of-a-kind and I have a good friend.
- Nice, 21 Nov 2011

Wow, Nice. How nice !
Thank you. A teacher needs to know if she is helping the students learn or not.
I am really proud of you finding work and practicing your English outside the classroom. It is making a big difference. Keep up the good work !
- Keen, 21 Nov 2011

Honeymoon Date
After marriage, my first date was with my husband. We went to Shimla. Shimla is a hill station. We stayed over there four days. In Shimla, we saw new places everyday and we took photographs. Sometimes we ate outside, and sometimes we ate inside. Everyday we ate different food. One day we went to the market. At the market I bought some jewelry, and one purse. In Shimla we really enjoyed ourselves. I miss Shimla so much.
- Happy, 21 Nov 2011

Hi Happy,
Your first date sounds like magic.
- Keen, 21 Nov 2011

Big Baked Potato Date
I do have memories of some dates:
Once a very long time ago, a generous and sweet young man took me out to a very nice restaurant for a 'dinner date' ... when the meal arrived, my eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw that the baked potato was as big as my shoe ! I didn't think I could eat the whole thing, and I didn't. The meal was delicious, but the servings were humongous !

- Keen, 18 Nov 2011

Do you like David?

Yes I do like David because he aspires to a goal. David knows what he does. Even though he lied without thinking about the consequences, I accept it because I knew from the beginning that he wanted to go to New York to try to find members of his family, maybe his father. I know all he has done are not on his own, for once David had a momentary pang of guilty conscience and I respect that because some people do things worse than David with no notion.
My Dear Readers let's see what will happen in the future with David's story.
To be continued...
(Laugh jijijiii Seismic!!!)

Yes, who knows what adventure lies ahead for David in New York!
Stay tuned ...
- Keen 17 Oct 2011

David*s story ( part 3)

When David came to town, all seemed strange to him, all the bustle. David stood and watched everything around him. Then he asked passer-by where the feed mill was, David went there and entered in the small office where was a man who brazenly asked what he seeks. When David explained to looking for work he told him to go home to wash because he looked messy. David found a small hotel and sneaked in there because he had no money. Then he found a wc with a sink and washed, then he charged his shirt and pants and returned back to the feed mill. The man observed that David returned quickly and looked better.
David was hired to work 6 days for 6 dollars and every day to work nine hours. David decided it was best to go back to the hotel and live there. David got a room and 1 meal a day for 3 dollars a week and cleaned the bar after closing at 11 p.m. David became a working man. David belived he would succeed in life.
Smart, September 05, 2011

David sure had a lot of 'guts'. He knew what had to be done to survive !
- Keen 17 Oct 2011

David*s story ( part 4)

David*s new life was filled with hard work in the feed mill.The man in the feed mill not thrilled with David and called him a *baby face" and always gave him work harder.
David was tired and had no time to think about Lillian.
David started taking discarded newspaper in the hotel hall and so he learned to read better.Sunday was not working when he read carefully and his understanding of the outside world has increased, and his third for acquisition of new knowledge.Then he wanted to buy cheap books somewhere, but his co - worker said that in city has a library where can take books. David found a small library and took books from different areas because it is all interested, and he often stayed until late at night to read.He often stayed in the library after closing and read, he learned to read the map in an atlas. David was discovered to have a talent for number and he is very smart.
David did not talk to anyone about yourself and his life.
Smart, September 07, 2011

David's story (Part 3)

David was not used to hustle and bustle of a town. He asked for a job at the feed mill. He had to clear himself before he got a job. David didn't asked the hotel clerk to use the washroom because he was stink and he didn't have money.Now David got a job and he earned $6 in a week. He would have $3 left after paying his rent. Now he could see the immediate future taking shape.

UBER <August 15 2011>

David*s story ( part 2)
David left the farm and took loaf of freshly baked bred, pot of jam and 4.37 dollars- coins. He went quiet dusty street.The silence of the night disturb sounds of
animals from the forest and the rustling of leaves. When day broke he didn't go through the village because he was afraid that someone might recognize him.
He would stop briefly to eat a piece of bread and drink water from stream. When enough away from the farm and rested, he is briefly thought about Lillian because
he had to think what to do further. When David saw that coming a farmer in the old truck was stopped on him and continued his journey with him. He continued
on this way and stopping to go away from the farm where he lived. When food ran out he decided to stop in a small town to buy a sandwich. He looked around
and listened to a conservation between people. Finally decided to risk asking truck driver for ride. The driver has accepted. Ther rode in silence.
When the truck driver asked Davida where he want, he told him that he needs a job to earn money to go to Ottawa. Driver advised him that in the next town he search
of work in factory, feed milk, dairy and lumber yard.
David accepted the advice. David was very smart boy and he had a goal in life.

Smart, August 17, 2011

David's Story (Part 2)
David ran away from the farm and he didn't have enough money for transportation. He went by foot at first but he didn't stop because he was afraid that somebody would recognize him and take him back to the farm.
When he was far enough from the village, he showed his thumb and hitchhiked on the road for samebody to give him a lift. An old man with an old car stopped and allowed him to get into the car. He didn't ask any questions. David got off at a cafe. In the cafe he listened carfully to find someone who was going to Ottawa. He found a truck driver. During the journey, he gave David some advice. He told David, "you should work in factory such as a feed mill, dairy, or lumber yard to make money to continue your
journey. He was strong enough to work in those place. David followed his advice.
- Nice, AUGUST 3,.2011

Hi Nice,
Good work. Check my suggestions for making your writing better.
Things to practice: past tense, prepositions, capitalization, vowel sounds (Thompson colour chart)
Try to use "spell check" in WORD first.
- Keen, 9 Aug 2011

David 's Story (part1 & 2)

David ran away from the farm. He considered asking Lillian to go with him. Then he decided not to tell her his plans because it would be too risky. David packed his few belongings. He took a loaf of freshly baked bread & a pot of jam. He started his journey. He walked quietly in the dark night. When he passed several miles from the village, he ate some bread, had a rest, and then thought & worried about Lillian how sad & lonely she would be.
He hitchhiked from the old truck driver then he told the truckdriver that he needed a labouring job any place in order to earn money to get him to Ottawa. The driver suggested that he hang around the next town & look for work . There was a feed mill, a factory, a diary and a lumber yard.
I think David will get a job and will be succcessful.
Hi Uber,
Good writing !
Things to double check: past tense, keep tense consistant throughout your piece.
- Uber, August 4, 2011

David's Life.part 2

David walked quietly along the dusty road in the darknees of the night. The sounds were the animal noises from the woods and rustling leaves.
He folllowed the road that went past the little village where they might know him, he was worried about his sister. Well somaday he would return for her but he never went back. When he saw a farmer in an old beaten truck coming along the road he put up his thumb in hitchhiking a ride.
When he could and getting futher away from his old home when his store of bread and jam been eaten he deciaded de safeenough to stop at one
of the little townsand buy a sandwich at alocal cafe.A truck driver was enjoying coffe and a piece of pie,David decided to risk asking for a ride the driver
asked no question simple said ''sure'' I'd been glad for the company.
David was made conversation too the driver and told him he needed a lobouring job any place in order to earn enough money to get him to Ottwa a place
he had heard about during his brief time at school the driver suggested that he had around the next town and look for work trere was a feed mill a factory a
dairy and a lumber yard.
David followed the advice and when they reached the next town,he said ''good bye'' and immediately set out to find a job.
Would he be successful ?
- Zesty, August 4, 2011

Hi Zesty,
Some things to think about. Make your sentences shorter and simpler. This is called the "North American Style" of writing.
Also it is easier to correct the grammar yourself.
Keep up the great work !
- Keen, 9 Aug 2011

David*s story

David and his sister Lillian were taken to work on a farm in nothern Ontatio.David was a strong boy and he to look after the animals and helps with the crops.
David resented the farmers constant demands and longed to know about his lost family and the outside world.Finally, David plotted to run away. At first he considered telling Lillian and asking her to go with him.He deceded it would be to risky.She might try to discourage him. And one night David packed his few belongings in a flour sack, took a loaf of freshly baked bread and a pot of jam from the kitchen cupboard. In his overalls pocket he had 4.37 dollars - coins.He went out into the cool night air. David was fourteen years old, had little education, he had neither friends nor relatives.
Without a backward glance, silently asking for Lillians forgiveness.

smart15, July,24. 2011

David Departure From The Farm
David was a strong boy.The farmer was totally depended on him,but David wanted to run away from the farm.Finally,he decided to run away.He wanted to asked Lillain to go with him,but he decided it would be risky.May be Lillian try to discourage him and she can warn the farmer.David packed his few belongings,in a flour sack,he took freshly baked bread and a pot of jam.In his pocket he had $4.37-coins he had earned as a farm-hand at neighbouring farms.He silently asked for Lillian forgiveness,David set out on his life.
Sociable - 25/07/2011