My Earliest Memory

When I was a child, we lived in ILigan city, before we moved to Ozamis, when my cousin Flordileza died in an accident. They lived far from the city, so her parents wanted her to attend school in Camague Elementary school, where my parents and my grandparents lived nearby. My cousin and I always played together, she was seven years old and I was six years old. She stayed my grandparent’s house, but she was always alone, my father asked my grandparents, if Flordileza could stay with us. In front of our house there was a coconut tree. My parents kept remained us, not to play nearby the coconut, but we were young and always ignored what my parents always told. One day, after she came home from school, she asked me to played hide and sick with my neighbors. We made the coconut tree our home base. Time passed by, we were laughing and run back and forth. I saw my cousin stood nearby coconut tree, suddenly a bunch of coconuts dropped on her head .I was blacked out, at the same time; I heard people screaming yelling our name. I felt I was in deep sleep, I couldn't fell anything, my whole body was numb .I didn't realized, I was carried my mother’s brother. I tried to skip from his arms, and I keep saying my cousins’ name because I didn't see her. When we got home, I asked my mother if my cousin was okay, but she told me, she had to bring her to the hospital, she was in critical condition. As a result, I was lacked up all day in my room. Early in the morning, I was dressed; we were going to visit my cousin in the hospital. When we got there, it was too late, she died already, and she was on her way to a funeral house, to get clean up and dressed. We were told by the nurse, she died of internal hemorrhaged. My family, neighbors, especially her parent mourns; they remembered her as a nice respectful child, her parents never the same again.
In my opinion, to lose someone you love, it make a lot of pain, it will never be the same again.

Decisive 13/02/04