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- Kinetic 2/12/16

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Kinetic 10/15

The Birth Book by Dr. William Sears

I am reading a book who teacher gave me during pregnancy. The name is 'The Birth Book"
This book is written by, William and Martha Sears. This couple are ....................
It is a wonderful history there which tell for a women that has gave birth 7 children and she assisted at the birth of eight children adopted.
She gave birth 7 children in different ways.
The first birth she told that the pain started in the midnight and she went to the hospital and after 5 hours she gave the birth her baby girl.
It wasn't a difficult birth because she had maden a nidle which helped her to gave birth. When you have you'r baby in you'r hand you will forget everything in 5 minutes. You had just bring in the life another being human. When I sow my baby the first thing that came in my mind was" Thank God".
She had the second baby after 2 years and she told that this time I didn't like the idea to take a niddle. She told that she wonted to gave birth natural and to felt all the pain because she wonted to be more close with this baby in the birth.
She told that when I took a niddle in the first baby birth I didn't feel my muscle and she wasn't able to push. In the second baby she push and gave her baby birth more fast than in the first birth.
She told that it was a grateful feeling and more natural than in the first birth. She felt every pain and was able to see the head of the baby
coming out when she was pushing. She said that every women can feel this wonderful natural birth.
To give birth natural a baby is a feeling that you can't discribe but it stuck always in you'r mind.
This is one part of my book but I will write again after I read some pages.

Friendly, 15, September, 2011

Hi Friendly,
You know me. Like many women, I can always talk about pregnancy, birth, and children.
If you have a chance, you can ask the local midwives or the birthing centre if they have any videos of "Natural Child Birth".
Maybe these days, you can just google it on UTube. Don't watch the Hollywood version of birth ... it is full of drama.
Surround yourself with like-minded people. People who are knowledgeable and supportive of your journey.

One of the traditions that I sometimes share with expecting mothers, is to tie a string around our wrists until your baby is born (you tie one around your wrist too). When you are birthing, you will see the string on your wrist and know that we are with you in spirit to give you strength and comfort. After your baby is born, we all take the string off ;-)

  • Keen, October 2011