Felicia's Story

My impression after I have read Felicia story

It was the first long story that I read in English in my life. I learned new words for example orphan, siblings and other. I am afraid that many of the new words I have already forgotten and I will have to find their meanings in the dictionary. It was a very interesting story for me. We read the story part after part and I was very interested what would happen in the next part of the story.
What are my impressions?
First of all I admire Felicia because she was a very young girl and had to care for her younger siblings and find the time for her education. She was very intelligent and bright and completed her education faster than other children. At the beginning my opinion about "Mister Sir" was negative. He was very bossy and demanding. I thought that the family took advantage of Felicia because in my opinion young people should go to school. From part to part I had to change my opinion about Felicia and "Mister Sir". It didn't bother me that Felicia was very nervous because she was annoyed at school by other children and even a principal. It was a shock for me that Felicia had such a serious accident and lost her leg. Fortunately Felicia was a very active and independent woman. She had a good job, a good salary and a good apartment. Next I had to completely change my about "Mister Sir" and "Missus".
"Mister Sir" found time to go to the school principal and complain about his unfair attitude to Felicia. After the accident they took care of injured Felicia in the hospital. "Mister Sir" found a bus driver who was guilty of the accident and the bus company. Together with his lawyer he arranged a big settlement for Felicia. Felicia became a rich and independent woman and now I started to change my opinion about her. I read that she was interested in modern paintings, traveling and comfortable living. I couldn't read that Felicia started to look for her siblings. I think that in New York there were many agencies that could quickly find her family. The fact is that David found Felicia by chance.
The lesson for me in this story is that we shouldn't hurry to make an opinions about other people.

Ambitious 12/04/2012

I read Felicia's Story part 11:

E: This is a play role conversation among Felicia, 'Missius' and ' Mister Sir'.

Felicia: 'Mister Sir' and 'Missus', I completed all the requirements for high school certificate, and I will continue working for you. But I also need to get a paying job so
that I can be independent in future.

'Mister Sir' and 'Missus' [in a discussion]:

'Mister Sir': Dearly, what is your opinion about Felicia to find a job?

'Missus': Have you asked her if she had been told about any scholarship from school? She was very intelligent, and she had high marks, so she should have scoring
a scholarship.

'Mister Sir': No. But let us ask her. [Felicia, have you been told about any scholarship for students with high marks]?

Felicia: No, I had not heard anything about scholarships.

. I do not admire the principal because he had a discrimination

. I admire 'Mister Sir' because he was a follow up, self possessed, and kind hearted man.

I admired 'Missus' because she had a positive thinking

I admire the librarians because they were optimists.

F: My turn to write: Part 11;

I think Felicia asked the librarians many questions about "Library Services".and how they did to become the librarians. Then the librarians explained to her about the courses they took and how that interesting job is, that's why she picked an interest in becoming a librarian.

I think the librarians said that all students were interested in dancing and teasing, but Felicia didn't interact with them. She was a studious. Then she asked many questions about library services and how the succeeded to become the librarians.

They said no doubt, she is a 'Librarian."

Normal, 26 March 2012

FELICIA'S STORY: PART 12: March,25th, 2012.

Questions to think about!

1. Can money buy happiness?
My opinions: "Sometimes." Money can buy happiness. But I think it depends on an individual happiness or sadness where comes from. There are posh
people who owned each and everything in their lives but as much as they get a lot of money their happiness goes away. Then there are poor
people when they get enough money they become happier and they proceed their business calmly and happiest than before.

2. Can money buy independence?
My perception: Yes!! I agree with this decision because when you get enough money you have freedom of achieving your fantasizing goals [without
breaking the laws].So, I'm sure that can buy independence.


I read Felicia's story and felt very sad for her because I am also an immigrant and I understand the problem. Many people left their native country looking for a better life fir their family but it is very difficult especially if you do not have relatives in the new country.
I believe family must never be separate. I have never before read nothing like this.
I admire Felicia's indomitable spirit that allowed her to face such hard time.
Joyful. 12 Feb 2012

I am compassionate with teh situation of Felicia's family. her siblings are so young to live this tragedy. Lost the mother, lost the father, two brother to take care. It is too much responsibility for a child. But I believe you pass by things thatyou can over come. So it is time to say thanks and be brave. She should stand up and go ahead to get better day. WHen stop and stay crying you convert difficulty.

Hopeful, 06 Feb 2012

I'm compassionate with the situation of Felicia's family. Her siblings and she are so young to live this tragedy. Lost the mother, a lost father, two brothers to take care: it's too much responsibility for a child.
But, I believe you pass by things that you can overcome. Nobody receive a task if can't win its. So, it's time to say "thanks" and be brave. Thanks to the possibility to stand up, go ahead and learn to get better a day.
I believe if you thank with your heart to the difficulty, you give the chance of this moments go faster.
When you stop and stay crying, you convert the difficulties in a stone, as a barrier that don't let the bad situations go away. So, Felicia, be brave!


Miriam's death changed the life of all the family. All the members confronted challenging times.
Sol: I believed that Sol felt very sad and knew that everything will be hard from now on. The family moved to New York to improve their life and to provide the children better opportunities for education and success but the situation was looking very bad. Sol misses her wife and her support. All their dreams were vanishing. Sol had to work hard and had no time to attend his family.He had to make tough decisions and even harm the future of his beloved Felicia and his other children. Sol must be frustrated and desperate.
Felicia: Since her mother passed away, she had to take care of her 6 younger siblings. Her father asked her to sacrifice herself to help her siblings. Felicia was 10 years old in a strange country without any relatives. She had to abandon her role as student to suddenly become a mother responsible of 6 children and housekeeping labors at home. Her dreams of a proper education and a normal childhood will have to wait. However, Felicia still kept her dreams to return to school and become a professional person so she earns lots of money to live in a beautiful house. She decided she will never be poor again nether get married or have children. Her plan was to become an independent woman. Felicia was a formidable girl.
Sadie: Sadie also took responsibility in helping Felicia at home with minor labors as soon as she came from school. Sadie understood Felicia's sacrifice and tried to help her by sharing her school books with her sister.
David: He was deeply affected and kept himself apart from the family. Probably David missed singing and reading at dinner with his parents more than any other child in the family.
Joyful. 12 Feb 2012

Sol said to Felicia that she and the children must stay in the orphanage for a while. Sol also asked Felicia to watch out for her brothers and sisters until he returns.
Joyful. 12 Feb 2012

Part1- It is a challenging time for the Felicia family. The upbringing in a low income family had made Felicia's childhood tough but the school provided an opportunity to study and grow in her carrier. Her mother's loss has added responsibility on her shoulder at a younger age to look after her brothers and sisters.

Part -12 Felicia becomes an independent person with a job. She does not have time to get engaged with her colleagues and concentrates on her siblings. The accident insurance by Bus company will make her rich but the no cost can replace a body part (leg). Money has value but not at the cost of your vital organs.
Mar 26, 2012