This "I Listen" page is for telling me about what you are listening to.

Listening: Thousands of hours of it !
a) Radio talk shows (try CBC Radio for all kinds of talk for young and seasoned listeners)
b) T.V., movies, dvd's (check out the local library for 'free' rentals)
c) Eavesdrop: Keep a little notebook in your pocket and write down the juicy details, idoms, collocations (groups of words), questions heard, ways people stetch the conversation in small talk, don't forget the body too.

CLICK > the 'speech bubbles' to find the assignments, read the instructions and complete as many as you can. Do this often.

Listening Assignment #1 : EAVESDROP Exercise
CLICK > the 'speech bubbles' to find your BLOG Assignment > Write about your experience on our BLOG called "The Art of Eavesdropping"

Listening Assignment #2: GRAPEVINE Exercise
CLICK > the 'speech bubbles' to find your BLOG Assignment > Write about "I heard it on the Grapevine"

Listening Assignment #3: CBC Podcasts

Check out the following CBC radio show podcasts and tell me what you think !

1. "INTERSECTIONS" with Niru Kumar
  • Episode #3 > Culture on the Job
  • Episode #4 > Mating & Dating
  • Episode #5 > Spending & Lending

2. "NATURE OF THINGS" interesting for parents, business people AND everyone !: BORN to BE GOOD >

3. "KNOW YOUR RIGHTS" - All about Canadian Law. Something all of us should be familiar with.

4. "AGE of PERSUASION" - All about Marketing and Advertising.

5. "C'EST LA VIE" with Bernard St. Laurent. For those of you who speak French, this is an excellent show to listen to that has French Collocations explained in English. French Canadian culture.

6. "DNTO" the best of host Suk Yin Lee, hip easy listening ...

Strangers in the Night:

Getting to Know the Neighbours:

Why is small talk such a BIG Deal ?:

How Far will YOU go to Make a Conversation?:

Makin Mistakes:

7. "Vinyl Cafe" Story telling about Canadian life with humour (funny).

8. "White Coat, Black Art" Medical Field, Canadian culture >

9. Listen to the CBC News here anytime:

CBC EDMONTON > Learning English Resource:
Great listening exercises followed by vocabulary, comprehension questions, etc.
Go to

CBC Podcasts

Doc Project: The Gift

MORE Listening Resources

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