Read everywhere.

Reading this Wiki page from your fellow students is a good start.

Read what is interesting to you.

Go to the library.

Chat with the librarians.

Take a tour.

- Kinetic 3/16

(B&B 2015)

CLB Focused Abilities for Audio Books & Podcasts:

Listen for main ideas/ factual details
Note taking
Infer meaning
Get the gist
Make inferences Identify register
Identify signals for turn-taking, interruption etc.
Identify idiomatic expressions
Recognize / identify correct sequence
Recognize emotion expressed through tone, intonation
Recognize context (Who is speaking? Where?)

In addition to libraries many sites offer access to free audio of public domain books. These sites include:

Open Culture
Repeat After Us
Storyline Online

ESL Audio Book Resources:

ESL Bits ESL Yes
Agenda Web

General Podcasts

Misfits Audio
Cloud Caster

Reading Resources
., orThe free Dictionary

ØCanadian focus Reading ESL.caStories by Subject – Simple English with comprehension check, vocabulary and gap fill exercises

Ø Inspired Literature inspiring Literacy

ØManythings for ESL - adapted from material produced by the Voice of America (VOA).

Children’s Resources

ØRead-along Listening Resources – meant for public school, but graded and various

ØReading is Fundamental, Micetro Mozart, the Opera House Mouse”, Machu Picchu

The library is not just for reading !
Do the following Scavenger Hunt at your local Library Branch.
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