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3 Idiots
I saw this movie on the weekend. It was recommended to me by my son, Sam. He had seen it with his friend's family.
I would have never picked up this movie by the title because it reminds me of some titles of some American movies called "Stupid, Stupider, Stupidest" ... that my husband and I once picked up to watch on video ... and that movie was so STUPID ... that we actually turned it off and went to do something else !

Warning, '3 Idiots' is a long movie !
I did, however, watch the whole movie with my husband and we really enjoyed it. It was a great story about 3 different friends who meet in Engineering School. They are misfits and support each other throughout their four years at school.

As a teacher and as a mother of a couple of kids who always think in unique ways and don't always fit into the typicall traditional school 'system' I appreciated the underlying messages of this story.
It was a very funny movie that had some adventure and love too ... which I like ;-)
I recommend this movie.

- Keen, 20 June 2011