This is the page is to write 'our' wiki page ground rules or LINC Expectations. This is where you decide how you and your co - wiki members shall behave on the wiki page, so that everyone can have a safe and productive place to 'study'.

Our Classroom ORIENTATION Check List is:

  • Family Literacy Library
  • Settlement Services
  • Employment Access Program
  • Women's Services
  • Commissioner of Oath
  • Citizenship Classes
  • Attendance
  • Bathroom
  • Computer Rules
  • Bus Tickets for qualifying students
  • Fire Exit
  • Mississauga Site with Child-minding

Our CCS Classroom rules are a follows, and it carries over to our wiki page.

Everyone in the class signed and agreed to these classroom expectations or rules.

All students are responsible to follow the rules of the LINC program.
You are expected to:
  • Come to class every day.
  • Arrive to class on time.
  • Return from break on time
  • Call the school and tell your teacher when you are away and say why.
  • Speak only English in class
  • Participate in all class and school activities
  • Go on field trips.
  • Put all garbage in the right place
  • Keep the classroom, computer area, and washroom clean
  • Follow all safety procedures including taking monthly fire drills seriously
  • Respect everyone at the school
  • Respect the cultures and traditions of other people
  • Do not use racist or sexist or threatening language
  • Do not smoke in school
  • Respect the rules of the LINC Centre
  • Provide the school with the most updated phone number. If the school cannot contact you wehn you are absent, you will be dropped from the class.

Kamikaze 04/02/14

Classroom Management from the Beginning
Modified from LTRC Posted: 29 Aug 2013 01:24 PM PDT
School is about to begin for teachers and students of all ages. September is the perfect time for teachers to rearrange the classroom and set expectations for the the year ahead.

To avoid classroom management issues, preventative measures are useful. Agreeing on guidelines for classroom expectations are necessary for adult learners as well as children. Ask yourself the following questions:

How do you and your learners feel about:
  • chewing gum in class?
  • raising a hand to indicate a desire to speak?
  • leaving the room without asking permission?
  • using cell phones in class?
  • using (electronic) dictionaries while the teacher is talking?
  • speaking in languages other than English in class and during breaks?
  • sleeping in class?
  • talking during a test?
  • conducting outside business with classmates on school property?
  • being late for school?
  • leaving class early at the end of the day?
  • receiving homework?
  • contacting the teacher outside of school hours?

Each class is unique. It is important to get learner input on these behaviours in addition to voicing your own. When learners and teachers agree on classroom etiquette, the chances of facing conflict decreases.

Commissioner of Oath
Notarization & Certification
  1. Consent to Travel Letters

  2. Letter of Invitation for Visas

  3. Certified True Copies

  4. Passports-Statutory Declarations of Affidavits

  5. Commissions of Oath

  6. Mobile Notary Services

  7. Apostilles (Authentication & Legalization)

This is a free service and you need to make an appointment with Anna upstairs on the 3rd floor.
Hot, July 10, 2012


I think coming to class every day is very important and useful. Many newcomers to Canada have many problems in their new live. One of the main problem is knowledge of the English language. You can improve your English by attending classes. The lessons are free, but students are responsible to follow the rules of the Program.

1. You have to regularly come to school.
2. Do not come late for classes.
3. It is important not to speak with your classmates in your native languages.
4. Be friendly to your classmates, respect their cultures and traditions.
5. Be active in class activities.
6. When you will be absent, call the school. Phone number is 905-457-7740 ext.247.
7. Respect all the school rules.

Ambitious July 10

Computer Rules
  • 1. No eating or drinking near computer stations.
  • 2. No installing any programs/software without the permission of a staff member.
  • 3. No downloading files off the Internet without the permission of a staff member.
  • 4. The staff and volunteers have the right to ask anyone to leave the computer at any time for any reason.
  • 5. No copying software from the computers and/or deleting any files from the computer hard drives.
  • 6. If other people are in the room and you would like to use sound, please use headphones OR ask to your class teacher for more information
  • 7. No viewing inappropriate material on the computers.
  • 8. No chat rooms- adults and youth.
  • 9. Don’t open someone else’s personal files on the computer.
  • 10. Shut down your computer properly in the end of class OR while leaving

Thanks, BOLD, 10th July 2012

July 10, 2012
Our Family Literacy Worker comes to our classroom every Monday to speak about new interesting books.
The library is on the Second Floor.
Everybody can take some books out for 1 week or maybe more time if you want. You only have to write your name on the card.
In the Library there are more than 10 books, books about English Class for example, Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing and others issues.
We have to care for books, because they are our skills to work in the course.
Mondays is the Book Club. Our class will read a book together.

Bus Tickets for Qualifying Students
As student we don’t have enough money for everyday fair to come the school. The school has an application form for students to assess their daily expenses and the kind of work to their families or students have a part time job, the school was given the free bus tickets to help their daily fair for those whose qualify. Some are not qualify because they can afford the daily fair. Some are getting free. But, by given the bus ticket having a limitation, you should come to school every day but if you absent more than 2days you can't have bus tickets. And you should have collected the bus ticket transfers to prove that you ride a bus. Every Friday teacher will collect the bus tickets transfers and she will give the new bus tickets.
July 10,2012


When there’s a fire, you will hear the fire alarm that announces you in danger. The sound from the fire alarm will be like: “bong bong bong”. So when you hear the sound like it, you have to leave the class as quick as you can, you will see the signs which are on the roof that let you know where the way to exit.You have to know for sure what floor you’re on at that time.

Remember that you CANNOT use the elevator; because in that case you can get stuck on the elevator. You have to use the stairs to get out immediately. The teacher, you and all your classmates must have the place where the teacher gathers all the students all the class after get out of the fire. It’s easy for the teacher to know all the students from the class are outside safely, no one get stuck inside the fire. If the teacher sees that someone is still on the fire, the teacher will tell that to firemen so they can come in to rescues that one.

July 10, 2012.

Women’s Services

I think it is good to have services to help women that have problems in their family like with their husband and they don’t know the rules of Canada and also they are alone here. They can help single mothers to find a job and take care of their child.

I want to know more about these services.

Sweet, July 10, 2012

Citizenship Classes
In Citizenship Class, we must to attend English Class to learn Canada about Geography of Canada, Aboriginal People, Rights and Responsibility, Government Law, Currency and Democracy being a Canadian. Geography of Canada, we learn the territories and provinces. Aboriginal People the first people live in Canada.
In Government, there are step by step to apply Citizenship.
First, we need to complete the days required. We need to be present in Canada about 1125 days before you can take a citizenship test.
Second, passport and Landed form must be appeared or presented.
Third, pay the application form or the citizenship test in Immigration. The test takes for half an hour and its multiple choices. If you failed, re-take again. If you passed, wait for the result mailed by the Immigration.

Ironic, July 10, 2012

Settlement Services
Settlement services provide us lots and lots of help. These services are free of cost. We can get these services in many languages. They help us to adjust in new life.
Settlement services provide us services like:
English classes: These classes are free of cost. We can get books, laptops and provide us helpful notes.
Citizenship: These services provide us knowledge regarding citizenship rules.
Finding a job: These services provide books, help in making resumes, cover letters, and help in getting a job and arranging workshops for you.
Health centres: These services provide you knowledge regarding health centres, and where to get your health card.
Abuse: These services are very helpful in abusive situations. When we are new to this country we don’t have any knowledge that what to do in the abusive situation. These services provide you detailed knowledge and protect you from the abusive situations. You can get free counselling classes. These counselling classes motivate you a lot and these classes are free of cost. You can meet counsellor and can discuss each and every problem with him or her and all this is confidential.
All these services are up stairs .You can go upstairs and can get an appointment and they will provide you help.

Sunny, July 10, 2012

Perfect attendance !